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| Carly Mayberry

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BBC 5Live radio appearance

5Live-27-March-Carly-Hunger-Games Talked “Hunger Games” and “John Carter” with BBC’s Peter Bowes. Radio show was broadcast across the U.K. and online in the U.S.

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Biola Professor Brings Professional Experience to the Classroom


By Abbey Bennett February 23, 2011 Biola’s campus has professors from countless backgrounds who have come to teach from various professional realms. Carly Mayberry has been an adjunct professor in Biola’s Department of English since August 2010. From Utah to Montana to Hollywood, Mayberry has met and interviewed many well-known actors and actresses, as ...

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About Carly

Carly is a seasoned writer/journalist who has covered the entertainment and technology worlds as well as community news, travel and human-interest stories. She is also an experienced storyteller in non-fiction programming and has worked as a story assistant on the Showtime documentary series "Time of Death" and has training in video editing softwares Final Cut ...

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Berlin Trip Documentary

[vimeo]29337201[/vimeo] Produced, wrote and edited 20-minute video documenting mission trip to Berlin, Germany serving the Kurdish people. Footage was shot in Berlin, Germany, Portsmouth, England and on the Isle of Wight, UK.

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TV appearances reel

[vimeo]13348074[/vimeo] Carly's television appearances on Starz/The Hollywood Reporter. Commentary on films and entertainment while working as film reporter at The Hollywood Reporter.

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Baby Boomers Capture Endless Summer


From: The Easy Reader, 2006 by Carly Mayberry Maybe it’s the sun or the early morning light reflecting off the sea. Maybe it’s the anticipation of each approaching wave. Or maybe it’s just feeling like you were 16 again. Whatever the reason, every Saturday and Sunday four men, all South Bay residents for the last 50 years, meet ...

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Beyond the sin and glitter: For some, Vegas is about growing up, not growing big

From: Masters Thesis and published in The Easy Reader, 2006 by Carly Mayberry Driving with my niece, I glance over at her in the passenger seat, her head and small frame bopping to the song’s beat as her lips move to every syllable. She knows every word by heart but it’s her solitary stare I recognize. We ...

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