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Carly specializes in communicating ideas, information and story concisely and creatively through the written word. Whether in the form of a feature-length article, a personal essay, newsletter content or documentary narration, she draws upon her experience as a journalist/documentarian covering entertainment, community issues and human-interest stories, and effectively weaves ideas, information and story into narrative form.

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B’casters Bank on Laughs

V fall comedy front web ready

Comedy boom is good for writers, bottom line From: Variety, June 27, 2011 By Carly Mayberry Dramas are hardly in danger of extinction, but the cyclical tide of primetime finally seems to be shifting to comedy.
Broadcast boasts more hit half-hours than anytime in years, syndication has produced some big recent paydays and even cable nets – including ones that primarily focus on dramas – seem determined to tap into the trend.

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Lopez, Tyler freshen up the festivities

V AI Season 10 web ready

From Variety, May 23, 2011 By Carly Mayberry Ten seasons after it began, “American Idol” remains as relevant as ever: This time, though, the buzz isn’t about friction among the judges, falling ratings or a group of contestants that were largely criticized for having limited commercial appeal.

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Jeff Bridges embraces country side

VAR Bridges small

'Crazy Heart' role a showcase for his acting, music ability From: Variety, December 8, 2009 By Carly Mayberry The story of an alcoholic over-the-hill singing star would make a perfect country ballad. But could it also be the stuff from which an Oscar performance is fashioned? That's the question Acad voters may well ponder if they consider the work ...

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Amid repression, Iranian films thriving on international stage

MPM Iranian front small-

From: Moving Pictures Magazine, Fall 2009 By Carly Mayberry It is a country of strict behavioral codes. Censorship and repression are everyday facts of life. The authenticity of its recent presidential election continues to be discussed and debated months after the last vote was cast. Yet despite it all, the cinema of Iran remains among the most ...

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Holbrook grateful to be part of mutual admiration society

THR Holbrook column small

From: The Hollywood Reporter, January 3, 2008 In 1981 when Hal Holbrook was working on the telefilm "The Killing of Randy Webster," a quiet, young actor on the set drew his attention. "You couldn't help but notice him," Holbrook says. "He was obviously talented." Sensing a certain unawareness -- even doubt -- in the young actor about ...

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Stars on NGTV plug away, bawdy and blue


From: The Hollywood Reporter, July 11, 2007 By Carly Mayberry Of the countless promotional opportunities the cast of "Spider-Man 3" engaged in, none were quite like the one they did for a new website, Maybe it was the way Topher Grace casually used the F-word during an interview; rather than cut the expletive, the segment was edited ...

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Ultra Resolution brings Warner classics to life

THRWBcolumn small

From: The Hollywood Reporter, January 3, 2007 By Carly Mayberry When watching the DVD rerelease of "Gone With the Wind," what once appeared as simply a green cloth shawl worn by Vivien Leigh is revealed as a garment of dark emerald velvet so rich it beckons touching. Similarly, in the film's opening scene, while Leigh's Scarlett ...

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Baby Boomers Capture Endless Summer


From: The Easy Reader, 2006 by Carly Mayberry Maybe it’s the sun or the early morning light reflecting off the sea. Maybe it’s the anticipation of each approaching wave. Or maybe it’s just feeling like you were 16 again. Whatever the reason, every Saturday and Sunday four men, all South Bay residents for the last 50 years, meet ...

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Beyond the sin and glitter: For some, Vegas is about growing up, not growing big

From: Masters Thesis and published in The Easy Reader, 2006 by Carly Mayberry Driving with my niece, I glance over at her in the passenger seat, her head and small frame bopping to the song’s beat as her lips move to every syllable. She knows every word by heart but it’s her solitary stare I recognize. We ...

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